Hydro A'DVICE - Evolo Skyscraper Competition design
created in collaboration with Tomasz Janus
The Hydro Aero Device is a self-sufficient, unmanned machine, which seeks to find moisture In the desert air by means of condensation. Electricity is generated by the kinetic energy resulting from the friction created by the effect wind has on light piezoelectric strips.
The gravitational speed-up of air – the “stack effect” – inside a thermally isolated nozzle, leads to the cooling of its interior walls. When warm, moist air comes into contact with the cooled-down tube, condensation forms on its walls. The clean water that is obtained in this manner is then transported, through means of one-sidedly open canals which ensure the retention of moisture, to a central collecting-tank. From there, the amount of water stored, depending on the level of necessity, is supplied to the regions’ citizens and travellers.
Used water/greywater is reused on the inhabited levels of Hydro Aero Device, which is then filtered and stored in the glass housings of the elevation. This closed circulation allows for a more efficient use of water, which is a luxurious commodity in the desert regions.
Being faced towards the wind in order to trap electrical charges is economically more sound than employing costly solar panels. The chimney-like construction of Hydro Aero Device ensures efficient air-molecule trapping, which leads to the motion of the piezo-electrical strips. The resulting accumulated energy is then stored in batteries hidden in the elevation’s construction beams.
Vibrating strips attached to the steel structure of the objects are a reference to a never-ending fire, symbolizing safety.

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